Auto Hail Sales & Paintless Dent Repair

The Job

We’re going to train you to talk to people, help them make an insurance claim on their hail damaged cars and schedule them for paintless dent repair in our shop. Most people are unaware that they may qualify to have their hail damaged car repaired at little to no cost out of pocket. It is our job to make sure our customers are getting the most out of their insurance coverage while saving them time and money.

Auto Hail Salesmen

What should I expect?

  1. A life changing experience designed to prepare you for personal success
  2. You’ll learn how to motivate yourself and build self confidence
  3. You’ll gain the ability to quickly read people and think on your feet
  4. You’ll gain knowledge and experience using numerous proven sales techniques & psychology
  5. You’ll learn how to make a lot of money
  6. We’ll give you a road map to financial freedom
  7. You’ll receive excellent exercise and gain a healthy lifestyle
  8. We’ll show you techniques for maintaining a positive daily attitude
  9. You’ll learn how to handle rejection and objections like a pro
  10. We’re going to help you accumulate wealth and live a better life

Work, Travel?

As a sales rep with us, you will be traveling to hail damaged areas all throughout the U.S. As hail storms occur all around the country, we’ll be sending you to the hail hot spots that are guaranteed to make you the most money if you’re willing to put in the work. We’re also going to provide your lodging for those months. You’ll spend approximately 3 to 5 months at every hail damage location with most of our sales reps working around 8 months out of the year and taking 4 months off.

What does it pay?

Our average sales reps usually make $1,000 per week by the end of their first month on the job. Going forward, a motivated representative can make upwards of $4000+ per week. We offer a base plus commission, including paid lodging while at the storm location.

Work Travel Life

“Before you shell out $160,000 on a business school education, you might want to consider spending a couple of years as a door-to-door salesman instead. In writing my book, I learned how much success in any field depends on persistence, not fearing failure, and getting others to follow your ideas. What better way could there be to acquire these essential traits than by actually hitting the street?”

Gillian Zoe SegalGetting There: A Book of Mentors

What's Next?

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