Employee Love

“I feel extremely valued because they are always ready to point out and praise work that is well done.”

I have been with UAHR for 4 years now. I find a great deal of joy in doing my job. I am constantly being given new areas to work in, including those outside my usual duties. The learning environment at UAHR is very important to me. This past year, I was given the opportunity to do PDR work myself, something I am quite excited about. They have always given me the tools and encouragement to expand in many aspects of the company, I just have to apply myself. As an employee, I feel extremely valued because they are always ready to point out and praise work that is well done. The image that UAHR presents to its customers is refreshingly clean and honest. We are a very customer service oriented business. We go to great lengths to make sure that each customer receives the personal care that is needed. For example, we will make sure that they get into their rental without hassle, which includes driving them to the location ourselves.  UAHR is a wonderful place to work. The atmosphere and the people are great. I look forward to seeing my co-workers every day. Traveling with UAHR, lets me see new places and experience what it is like living in those areas. In addition, they are very understanding when I have to take time off for family obligations and trips. I would most definitely recommend this job for someone that likes to travel.

Stephen Borengasser

“When asked to rate my job satisfaction between 1-10, I give it an 11.”

I have worked for UAHR since it’s inception in 2011. It is extremely rewarding knowing that we have a higher than average quality expectation. It feels good to know that we produce a higher quality service than everyone else. I am frequently expanding my knowledge because I’m constantly asked to come up with new systems and programs to help build and enhance the company. I feel valued at work because it feels like a team effort. I get asked a lot of opinions even when it is not in my own direct oversight. I feel like we present a new avenue for hail damage repair that is consistent in integrity and quality. When asked to rate my job satisfaction between 1-10, I give it an 11. I’m extremely satisfied with my job. It is very fulfilling and I see a bright future with the growth of the company. The best part is the culture of the company. Everyone gets along. We try hard to intermingle multiple personalities and backgrounds to connect people in an environment that they can succeed in . When traveling, I love seeing all the new places and things they have to offer. UAHR is exceptionally flexible! They know that family is priority. Anytime I need off for family events, I mark it on the calendar and they fully understand. Team members step into my position and let me to take care of my family needs. I would and do recommend this job to friends. It’s a great company to work for! There is no one task that is too difficult, but it may be a hard job for anybody that is not determined or doesn’t have a hard work ethic.

Nathaniel Petty

“The best part is traveling and being able to earn a large amount of money at the same time.”

I have been working with UAHR for 1.5 years. I feel that I am growing in skill and knowledge. Troy (the president of the company) is open to listening to the employees to help improve training. As a result, I am doing very great in my position. The help and support that is given encourages me to continue to do well. I feel pretty rewarded with my job. All the technicians are happy when they have steady work, and they show their appreciation. Managed in turn, especially, with all the gifts and contests that are given. There is a strong sense of reward with my work. Troy and everyone strives daily to make sure to be honorable with customers and bend over backwards to make sure they are pleased with everything. The best part is traveling and being able to earn a large amount of money at the same time. We are able to see things in our downtime and travel in my 5th wheel. They are very accommodating when it comes to family responsibilities. I had to fly home for a period of time, and Troy was very understanding. I would absolutely recommend this job to a friend if they were a match to the lifestyle, absolutely. I would like to add that I have never worked for anyone as genuine and honest to their customers and employees.

Alex McNure

“I really like what I do because every day is a new challenge.”

UAHR conveys a positive image to customers with knowledge and presentation of those people who meet the public and the product is the best there is. I really like what I do because every day is a new challenge.  I get to meet new different people daily.  At the end of the day, I am able to measure my success in performing my job.  The attitude of our staff, management and ownership is so positive that it makes one want to come to work every day. Working with UAHR has many rewards in addition to compensation (which is excellent).  For those who like to and are willing to travel will find the job stimulating and interesting with many new experiences.  For those who have family or loved ones who are not able to travel, the company understands the need for employees to tend to their families and the duties that a breadwinner needs to tend to.  Travel home is encouraged and tolerated. An employee must understand that he has the obligation to plan ahead so as not to put other employees or the employer in an uneasy position. I would recommend anyone who has the ability and desire to travel for eight months out of the year to seriously consider employment with UAHR.  Few employers appreciate their employees the way that UAHR does.

Roger Payne

“I feel that the quality of my work and others is great!”

Although I have only been with the company for a little over 3 months, I feel that the quality of my work and others is great! The techs do a wonderful job repairing the cars. I always keep myself up to date with sales because I am self-motivated. As a result, I feel very valued in the workplace. In addition, I look forward to learning more with the workshops that the company will provide this year. UAHR always tries to project quality and customer service as its highest priority. I myself, always try and make things easy going for the customers so they have nothing to worry about. It is extremely gratifying. Not to mention that management is very open to new ideas to help improve the workplace. I would highly recommend this position to other people. In fact, I’m actually working on a few friends to apply for this job. I believe they would not only enjoy the work, but the lifestyle. There are group activities that management puts on for all employees. I myself was only able to attend one, but it was a lot of fun. I look forward to the ones coming up in the new year.

Dillon Adams

“What’s better than seeing different parts of the country and getting paid to do it!”

Universal Auto Hail Repair is a great company and the earning potential is unlimited. Based on my past experience in sales, I feel that I am learning a new business and a new set of skills related to that business.  I feel extremely rewarded with this job, but I always feel like there is room for improvement and strive to be the best daily. I enjoy everyone I work with and I know that I play a crucial part in the business. We work hard to maintain our reputation for our customers that we are here to provide a quality service that is honest and caring. One of the best things in regards to this job is getting paid to see the country and travel! We go to so many cool places and get to see a ton!  Also getting to take the winter off to relax and see family and friends. What’s better than seeing different parts of the country and getting paid to do it! Over the past year and half, I have found that management is very flexible and understanding when it comes to family commitments and obligations. They consider family to be a high priority. I would very much so recommend this job to somone.

Josh Klein


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