“When asked to rate my job satisfaction between 1-10, I give it an 11.”

I have worked for Universal Auto Hail Repair (UAHR) since the inception in 2011. It is extremely rewarding knowing that we have a higher than average quality expectation. We present a new avenue for hail damage repair that is consistent in integrity and quality. I am continuously expanding my knowledge, because of being constantly asked to come up with new systems and programs to help build and enhance the company. As a result, it feels good to know that we are better than everyone else.


I feel valued at work because it feels like a team effort. I get asked a lot of opinions, even when it is not in my own direct oversight. I feel like


When asked to rate my job satisfaction between 1~10, I give it an 11. I’m very satisfied with my job. It is very fulfilling and I see a bright future with the growth of the company. The best part is the culture of the company. Everyone gets along. We try hard to intermingle multiple personalities and connect people that wouldn’t otherwise work well together in other areas.


When traveling, I love seeing all the new places and things to see in various parts of the country. They are extremely flexible when it comes to family! If anything, family is a priority. They fully understand, and team members step in to my position to let me to take care of family first.


I would recommend this job to a friend. It’s a great company to work for. There is no one task that is difficult, but it is a hard job for anybody that is not determined or have a hard work ethic.

Nathaniel Petty

General Manager/Tech

“I really like what I do because every day is a new challenge.”

UAHR conveys a positive image to customers with knowledge and presentation of those people who meet the public.


I really like what I do because every day is a new challenge.  I get to meet new and different people daily.  At the end of the day, I am able to measure my success in preforming my job.  The attitude of our staff, management, and ownership is so positive that it makes one want to come to work every day.


Working with UAHR has many rewards in addition to compensation (which is excellent).  For those who like to, and are willing, to travel will find the job stimulating and interesting with many new experiences.  For those who have family or loved ones who are not able to travel, the company understands the need for employees to tend to their families and the duties that a breadwinner needs to tend to.  Travel home is encouraged and tolerated. An employee must understand that if it is not an emergency, they simply have to plan ahead so that other employees and the employers are able to compensate for their absence.


I would recommend anyone who has the ability and desire to travel for eight months out of the year to seriously consider employment with UAHR.  Few employers appreciate their employees the way that UAHR does.

Roger Payne


“Now thanks to their patience and tutelage, I am very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of not only the company but the industry itself.”

I have had the privilege of working for UAHR since 2014. I was a novice when I first began, not knowing anything about the PDR business. In fact, I did not even know they existed until I became a customer of UAHR. I was beyond impressed with the work that they performed on my BMW. They went above and beyond to return it to a condition that was better than when I purchased it. The amazing thing was when I went to get my vehicle, Nathaniel Petty (General Manager) asked if there was anything else that I needed. When I sarcastically replied a job, he was quick to respond that he would hire me. That is how I entered into this business. Now thanks to their patience and tutelage, I am very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of not only the company, but the industry itself.


The highest value is placed on the quality of our work and customer service. We treat customers as we would like to be treated ourselves. It is our goal to always insure that their experience with us is beyond their expectations.


UAHR is a community of employees that are always available for each other. Cindy and Troy Payne are here to educate, lend a helping hand, and most of all assist their employees to reach their full potential. This is not your ordinary company, which is something I have always said and been grateful for. We are a family here that not only wants the business to succeed, but each other.

Nicole Baudin-Beasley


“I have learned a lot about myself and what my personal path to success looks like.”

I have worked at UAHR for over a year now. But from day one, this job has brought me extreme satisfaction and provides me with everything I look for in a job.  I get to work hard to compete with other salespeople, and I know that my customers are better off having received our service than any other company.


UAHR has been a great place to build my skills in sales and personal growth.  I have learned a lot about myself and what my personal path to success looks like. The quality of work is great, and every day I feel great about UAHR. When I am selling in the field, I can be honest with customers. I know they will be properly taken care of and their car will be fixed to the highest quality. I believe that the UAHR projects honesty and integrity to its customers. There is a high level of service that our customers receive and guaranteed the highest quality of repair.


The best part of working for UAHR is undoubtedly, the people.  I have never worked anywhere where everyone gets along so well, and the owners are personally involved in making sure everyone is successful. I feel very valued at work, and I believe this is how the entire sales team feels. We work hard, celebrate wins together, and help each other during tough times. I am recognized and compensated for outstanding work, and I get to travel. If I had another obligation that I had to attend to, I know I would be able to work something out and take the time off I need.


I enjoy seeing different parts of the country.  You get to taste a little bit of everything. I would advise anyone to apply for this job, but they have to have a positive mindset and be ready to work hard.  It is not an easy job, but the hard work definitely pays off.


UAHR is a great place to work, great product, great people, and a great culture.

Mark Herfurth

Sales Manager

“This job has been exceptional for helping me grow personal skills: communication, time management, leadership, planning, and budgeting.”

I will have been with Universal Auto Hail Repair for 5 years now in sales, prior to that 2 years for them repairing cars with my dad. This job has been exceptional for helping me grow personal skills: communication, time management, leadership, planning, and budgeting. Knowing that we are the number one company around and that customers need us, there is nothing better than feeling you truly helped someone in need. A feeling of accomplishment/happiness is something I get knowing we gave them the best repair possible.


The sales team is a central part of the company, and as such I feel very valued here. UAHR projects themselves as certified, professional, helpful, family oriented, and accommodating. On a scale from 1-10 for job satisfaction, I am beyond a 10. I mean, who doesn’t love being able to travel, make money while doing it, and getting the winters off. There are so many wonderful things about UAHR, but what I absolutely love about it is the working environment, helping people, and traveling. Not to mention the FOOOOOD! You just never know what you’ll find when you head out on the road. Oh, and the money of course is amazing!!!


UAHR is tremendously flexible with family requirements and responsibilities. I would absolutely advise a friend to apply for this job. It is a great company to work for.

Aaron Archer


“It feels like I’m appreciated to a greater extent at Universal Auto Hail Repair than in any other job I’ve had. “

It feels like I’m appreciated to a greater extent at Universal Auto Hail Repair (UAHR) than in any other job I’ve had. I never thought I would end up doing something like this, but I feel great about the amount of money I am paid for my time. Making $50 an hour or more and being around good people is a bonified bonus working for UAHR. Not only that, but I feel more comfortable connecting with strangers.


There are so many positive rewards in traveling with UAHR. I get to see different cities around the United States and learning what it’s like there, seeing how people are different, learning things about myself along the way, and growing closer to my coworkers and friends. Starting fresh with a new apartment in a new city every so often is a great opportunity to continue good habits like going to the gym consistently, eating right, or reading if I start to fall away from them.


Thanks to new media, I believe that UAHR projects a more professional and trustworthy image which will only continue to improve into the coming years. I would definitely recommend that people apply for this job. Sales is a never-ending journey which I will continue to learn.

Aaron Griffin


“I have felt like a valued team member of Universal Auto Hail Repair since I first started. “

The best part of working for UAHR is the confidence in knowing that I am selling for both a highly ethical & professional company. It makes my job in sales much easier when entering a new community that needs our services.


This job opens avenues for growth that few jobs offer. My interpersonal communication skills have notably improved. Being able to identify, navigate & overcome different customer personalities to a sale is very rewarding. In this digital age, this job also opened my eyes to the opportunities that can arise from simply shaking hands and putting the effort forth to get yourself in front of those that need your services.


I have felt like a valued team member of UAHR since I first started. I am very happy with both the personal & financial growth that I have experienced. The measure of my reward is a function of how much work I put into selling and closing leads. I value that I control my success. The opportunity to travel and explore different parts of the United States is a unique perk working for UAHR.


First impressions mean everything. Through our sales team & marketing materials, it’s important that UAHR is perceived as both legitimate and professional in that first interaction with the company.  From there, I believe that our expertise and high level of service makes it apparent that we genuinely care for our customers.


During my first season with UAHR, I took many trips home.  I feel that the company respects the level of commitment needed to be away from our families for extended periods of time.


I would advise anyone stuck in a rut (personally or financially) or looking for a new challenge to apply for this job. You do not need sales experience to do this job, but you must be willing to get outside of yourself and find that extroverted trigger. But seriously, you’ll make money. The product/company sells itself. Just figure out how to sell yourself! Few jobs give you the freedom to break that financial glass ceiling, with 4-5 months off as reward.

Dylan Whitman


“They put a lot of time and effort into making you feel valued and making sure you enjoy your time working with them.”

Universal definitely makes you feel valued as an employee. From personal meetings with the owner Troy once a week or more, to team meetings and fun events to boost morals and make us all closer as a team. They put a lot of time and effort into making you feel valued and making sure you enjoy your time working with them.


This job is absolutely a great atmosphere to grow your skills. I have an introverted personality naturally, but working with Universal has taught me how to come out of my shell and effectively communicate with people. This was something I struggled with before working here.

I am more than impressed with the quality of work. There is no question the owners and employees actually care about the customer’s complete satisfaction.  They are straight forward with their product and almost make their services sound too good to be true.

I am extremely satisfied with my job with Universal. It makes working almost effortless when you are working with the team there. As an employee, you can tell you are being cared for and they will help you as much as you let them.

The best part is the friends I have made working there. Not to mention, having an opportunity to work with the owner himself who is very informative and willing to push you towards your best interests.

I naturally love to travel, so being able to travel and work is my favorite part about it.  I have been with Universal since May of 2018. They have always worked with me to meet my family requirements and responsibilities. They not only want you to be successful in your work, but also to be successful in every area of your life.

I would definitely advise friends to work with Universal, and in fact have done so already. To close, I would like to say how grateful I am for Troy and Cindy for putting so much time and effort into everyone. I have learned so much working for y’all and couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity.

Chaz Brouillette


“What’s better than seeing different parts of the country and getting paid to do it!”

Universal Auto Hail Repair is a great company and the earning potential is unlimited. Based on my past experience in sales, I feel that I am learning a new business and a new set of skills related to that business. I would like to learn more regarding the P&L side of the business to increase my ability from sales and also general management.


I feel extremely rewarded with this job, but I always feel like there is room for improvement and strive to be the best daily. I enjoy everyone I work with and I know that I play a crucial part in the business. We work hard to maintain our reputation for our customers that we are here to provide a quality service that is honest and caring.


One of the best things in regards to this job is getting paid to see the country and travel! We go to so many cool places and get to see a ton!  Also getting to take the winter off to relax and see family and friends. What’s better than seeing different parts of the country and getting paid to do it!


Over the past year and half, I have found that management is very flexible and understanding when it comes to family commitments and obligations. They consider family to be a high priority.


I would very much so recommend this job to someone.

Josh Klein


“They always give us the tools and encouragement to expand in any aspect of the company we would like to apply ourselves to.”

I have been with UAHR for 4 years now. Even though I’m a perfectionist and hardest on myself, I find a great deal of joy in doing my job. I am constantly being given new areas to work in, including those outside my usual duties. This past year, I was given the opportunity to do PDR work myself. They always give us the tools and encouragement to expand in any aspect of the company we would like to apply ourselves to. As an employee, I feel extremely valued because they are always ready to point out and praise work that is well done.


The image that UAHR presents to its customers is refreshingly clean and honest. We are a very customer service oriented business. We go to great lengths to make sure that each customer receives the personal care that is needed. For example, we will make sure that they get into their rental without hassle, which includes driving them to the location ourselves.


If I was given a scale from 1 to 10 of how satisfied I was with my job, I would give it a nine. When I compare it to others in the world, it is a wonderful place to work. The atmosphere and the people are great! I look forward to seeing my co-workers every day.


Traveling with UAHR lets me see new places and experience what it is like living in those areas. Even though I travel alone, I have to return back for weddings and family obligations from time to time. They are very understanding when I have to take time off and return home.


I would most definitely recommend this job for someone that would fit the lifestyle.

Steven Borengasser


“UAHR always tries to project quality and customer service as its highest priority.”

Although I have only been with the company for a little over 3 months, I feel that the quality of my work and others is great! The techs do a wonderful job repairing the cars. I always keep myself up to date with sales because I am self-motivated. As a result, I feel very valued in the workplace. In addition, I look forward to learning more with the workshops that the company will provide this year.


UAHR always tries to project quality and customer service as its highest priority. I myself, always try and make things easy going for the customers so they have nothing to worry about. It is extremely gratifying. Not to mention that management is very open to new ideas to help improve the workplace.


I would highly recommend this position to other people. In fact, I’m actually working on a few friends to apply for this job. I believe they would not only enjoy the work, but the lifestyle. There are group activities that management puts on for all employees. I myself was only able to attend one, but it was a lot of fun. I look forward to the ones coming up in the new year.

Dillon Adams


“The way they care about, and go out of their way to take care of all the employees is amazing.”

I am not the best at communicating, so I am very grateful for everything that Troy and Cindy Payne have done for me. They are the most generous people I’ve ever met. The way they care about, and go out of their way to take care of all the employees is amazing. Especially in the world we live; it’s almost unheard of!


I’m most grateful for what they taught me. When I started working for UAHR; I was in one of the lowest points of my life. The owners made me pick myself up, and gave me the tools to fix myself and create a stronger foundation. I appreciate them for pushing me to always be better, so I could realize how strong I am. I know I’m better because of the owner’s influence in my life, and I sincerely hope they realize just how much they’re doing for people.

Allison Matthews



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